Friday, April 9, 2010

Pivot Points and support resistance for major indexes for April 12

+ Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA INDU + DJ Futures

First resistance 11023.43
Second resistance 11049.525

First Support 10948.80
Second Support 10900.26

Pivot point : 10974.89

+ S&P 500

First resistance 1199.4
Second resistance 1204.6

First Support 1184
Second Support 1174

Pivot point : 1189.6

+ Nasdaq Composite

First resistance 2461.13
Second resistance 2468.22

First Support 2439.94
Second Support 2425.84

Pivot point : 2447

+ Nasdaq 100

First resistance 1999.94
Second resistance 2005.45

First Support 1983.46
Second Support 1972.49

Pivot point : 1988.97

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An intermediate term projection - Very important for position traders & speculators

In good faith and for the benefit of all my friends I want you to keep an eye on any long positions from now on because the energy surely is high but the volatility in next days may not aggregate much. So taking a chance on long positions may be a huge risk.

My projections may be 24 to 48 hours here and there due to lack of time in going into mathematical details but I would be posting day's projections hopefully too on my regular blog at

This projection is based on my own research and I know lots of people just put up any guesses or ideas based on large number of esoteric and bizarre indicators and of course some so called doom gloom types just speculate sensing fear.
This is all a bull. If you are a real trader putting his/her own money in the game read this message carefully.

Since my system is back tested I do rely on it and I do not consider any other system because after testing for many years they all failed unfortunately.
I lost big time on other people's advice, wonderful graphs, charts and colorful commentaries. 97% of all those forecasters are nothing but pinheads with something to chit chat but in the process of believing them majority of people lose big time, mostly small retail traders with limited capital.

I am refining my system and I cant say it is perfect but so far it works for me. It may work for you. I also notice that most of my readers are passive and they do not feel any necessity to provide feed back but that is fine! I am posting this for general public so anyone can benefit from this projection.

Today 7th April would be a start of a volatile week as we already posted and this would form a critical top over next days.

If you are long you may like to put stop loss or liquidate on 9th of April for the correction would start from 11th/12th April approximately.
8th April may be very volatile and may end up negative.
9th April would create an impression of very bullish market and its outcome would be rather very bizarre. I would write more on this later in another blog.

Frankly my personal mathematical calculations show bullish days for 12, 13 and 14th for now BUT you must know that Human will can alter the natural energy at times and hence the writing for first 3 days of next week is still fluid or rather on watery marshy surface.

Having said that if you are not very strong hearted and you do not wish to risk you may sell off your longs during any of these days as per your positioning as it all is subject to individual assets.
My overall reading is that we begin the correction next week any day.
Next to next week 19 to 23 I only see one up day and another as a high volatility day and rest down. That is fine for day based speculative ideas but not for swings or intermediate term.

I would hopefully be posting another long term projection later on one day.

One thing you must recall always that MARKETS can empty all pockets. Markets can become so hot and burning that they force you to remove all your covers or markets can be so cold and icy that they you seek cover and can not find it. Before that unpleasant state, best is to get out and stay on as a spectator.
My contention is that if you stay in cash you can still plan some trade later, but if you are gambling and lost it will take a long time to get a good trade and you may go back to square one. Do not believe the marketing literature and these make-rich newsletters ALWAYS. Use your own analysis. Yes it is ok to follow some wise people but only to know what they perceive. The final decision to trade must not be based on others viewpoint because their reality can be totally different than yours.

Believe or not 90% yes OVER 90% of day traders and general traders lose money and they go without capital for long time. I am writing this blog to save these traders their hard earned capital. You would do a great favor to yourself by sending this blog message to all your trading friends if you have any and also make a print out of this one for you and one day you will be grateful for this advice.

I am writing all above for me and a few friends but if you understand the markets you will seek some cover and take care. Individual stocks that you know well and have some technical edge may be good plays for this and next week. ALL rest is going to remain shaky.
I would welcome any of your comments. You are free to bash me as I deserve a good beating always for saying the truth.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Currency Forex Markets Trade setups for real traders

One of the tragedies of the currency trades is that most people who are lured by heavy marketing of some known Forex companies with popular websites lose literally each dollar they invest.

Most of the retail currency traders lose every thing. I mean LITERALLY all of their account in most cases.

Professionals are fewer in this trade. Currencies are mainly traded by very large institutional traders, banks, governments and some major corporations mainly. Yet the lure and attraction of making it quick attract thousands of people who believe in the glittering ads glaring at all business sites and publications.

We can provide real time, really working Currency trade setups for genuine traders and we will do so when there are enough people who first register at this blog. We will be soon offering a private news letter which will be free initially to all new Blog Followers.
We will be offering Clear BUY OR SELL instructions with days hours etc. based on 2 to 5 days positions usually. However we will not be able to offer this on public websites for some reasons. We will also guide you how to chose the best asset to trade.

If you want you may join the blog initially at

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trade setups potential

Primerica Corp new IPO PRI should keep moving up as it is doing and it would be wiser to sell on 14th APR or keep a stop loss from 13th

FORD F buy at mid day or close today and sell on 11th or 12th APR can be a fairly great play.

More to come. If you want any stock, etf or any other assets reading post it here.
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