Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick review of the Week


* S&P 500 1,149.99 +.99%
* DJIA 10,624.69 +.55%
* NASDAQ 2,367.66 +1.78%
* Russell 2000 676.59 +1.59%
* Wilshire 5000 11,856.53 +1.11%
* Russell 1000 Growth 513.59 +.92%
* Russell 1000 Value 591.14 +1.25%
* Morgan Stanley Consumer 694.27 +.75%
* Morgan Stanley Cyclical 877.41 +1.27%
* Morgan Stanley Technology 592.64 +2.16%
* Transports 4,325.35 +3.09%
* Utilities 376.80 -.37%
* MSCI Emerging Markets 41.38 +1.96%
* Lyxor L/S Equity Long Bias Index 984.42 +.88%
* Lyxor L/S Equity Variable Bias Index 852.88 +.55%
* Lyxor L/S Equity Short Bias Index 894.22 -2.26%


* NYSE Cumulative A/D Line +83,527 +5.37%
* Bloomberg New Highs-Lows Index +541 -267
* Bloomberg Crude Oil % Bulls 28.0 -26.3%
* CFTC Oil Net Speculative Position +109,314 +19.6%
* CFTC Oil Total Open Interest 1,348,241 +3.92%
* Total Put/Call .86 +2.38%
* OEX Put/Call .97 +36.62%
* ISE Sentiment 124.0 -2.36%
* NYSE Arms 1.59 +287.80%
* Volatility(VIX) 17.58 +.92%
* G7 Currency Volatility (VXY) 11.0 -7.33%
* Smart Money Flow Index 9,518.73 +1.55%
* Money Mkt Mutual Fund Assets $3.090 Trillion -1.2%
* AAII % Bulls 45.29 +26.30%
* AAII % Bears 25.29 -3.51%

Futures Spot Prices

* CRB Index 273.31 -1.31%
* Crude Oil 81.08 -.59%
* Reformulated Gasoline 225.50 -1.0%
* Natural Gas 4.38 -4.69%
* Heating Oil 209.50 -.35%
* Gold 1,101.50 -2.93%
* Bloomberg Base Metals 214.65 +.36%
* Copper 338.0 -.83%
* US No. 1 Heavy Melt Scrap Steel 303.0 USD/Ton +1.0%
* China Hot Rolled Domestic Steel Sheet 4,099 Yuan/Ton +3.38%
* S&P GSCI Agriculture 309.54 -3.48%


* ECRI Weekly Leading Economic Index 130.60 +.62%
* Citi US Economic Surprise Index +36.10 +12.7 points
* Fed Fund Futures imply 72.0% chance of no change, 28.0% chance of 25 basis point cut on 3/16
* US Dollar Index 79.83 -.77%
* Yield Curve 275.0 -4.0 basis points
* 10-Year US Treasury Yield 3.70% +2 basis points
* Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet $2.265 Trillion +.12%
* U.S. Sovereign Debt Credit Default Swap 30.0 -18.92%
* Western Europe Sovereign Debt Credit Default Swap Index 65.63 -11.04%
* 10-Year TIPS Spread 2.27% +5 basis points
* TED Spread 12.0 +1 basis point
* N. America Investment Grade Credit Default Swap Index 82.79 -4.01%
* Euro Financial Sector Credit Default Swap Index 69.73 -9.36%
* Emerging Markets Credit Default Swap Index 217.0 -10.40%
* CMBS Super Senior AAA 10-Year Treasury Spread 303.0 -21.0 basis points
* M1 Money Supply $1.713 Trillion -.32%
* Business Loans 642.70 unch.
* 4-Week Moving Average of Jobless Claims 475,500 +1.1%
* Continuing Claims Unemployment Rate 3.5% unch.
* Average 30-Year Mortgage Rate 4.95% -2 basis points
* Weekly Mortgage Applications 633.10 +.51%
* ABC Consumer Confidence -49 unch.
* Weekly Retail Sales +3.10% +130 basis points
* Nationwide Gas $2.78/gallon +.06/gallon
* U.S. Heating Demand Next 7 Days 21.0% below normal
* Baltic Dry Index 3,316 +6.25%
* Oil Tanker Rate(Arabian Gulf to U.S. Gulf Coast) 57.50 +4.55%
* Rail Freight Carloads 212,296 +3.15%
* Iraqi 2028 Government Bonds 82.50 +1.75%

Best Performing Style

* Small-Cap Growth +1.61%

Worst Performing Style

* Large-Cap Growth +.92%

Leading Sectors

* Oil Tankers +4.82%
* Steel +4.63%
* Airlines +4.34%
* Road & Rail +4.15%
* Restaurants +4.0%

Lagging Sectors

* Coal -.50%
* HMOs -.62%
* Medical Equipment -1.19%
* Tobacco -1.62%
* Gold -3.64%

Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to World Market Pulse blog

We would attempt to cover all prominent world markets with news, views and analysis that may include some views from
The Analysis presented for the markets would be neutral, unbiased and based on not only basic and technical factors but also of others, like sentiment, local bias and trends and geo-economic, geo-political events etc.

You are free to comment and add your input anytime for the specific market areas discussed.
We would be focusing on the key markets of a region but we could also cover smaller markets at times.

If you would like to add any particular regional or national market or sector of any area please add your comments.

World Market Pulse Team : Right now we are a small team of 3 people covering different areas, and if you would like to add yourself as an observer and commentator and join our team please write to us at worldmarketpulse gmail

World Marke Pulse news analysis and information

We did not have any new post for Friday the 12th March for there is no change really to what we posted on Thursday.
Please be oriented that be cautious on your current positions. Markets are trying to emulate the 2009 pattern but that can work for some time but not for long.
As you can see US Dollar index is weak currently and most currencies against it are bullish. Copper is merely up for the new jolt in Chile, one of the larger copper producers.
For now we are not posting any forecasting or prognosis but as posted few days ago and yesterday Fri and early next week is "slightly" weak energy.

The flow that started on 28th February was so strong that it spilled for literally 2 weeks. This is fading for now but its fire will rekindle again next week however at the end of week probably.

Whatever the case just be careful with your positions, short or long or whichever asset.

We have had few requests from our small team of market watchers and many readers from outside the United States to have a dedicated blog on specific markets. So we are reviving the private blog World Market Pulse at for anyone interested in the world markets of South America, Mexico, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden, Norway, Holland and few more.
If you are interested in the world markets, emerging markets and other specific markets besides the U.S.A. markets please join that blog.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 2010 Thursday for day trading

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Travels : Not very friendly Need to be careful
Trades : Not so strong nor good.

It is a lower side of the short term cycle with a very weak market today and tomorrow. Despite that there are opportunities for traders in some particular time frames and some assets. It takes hours of work to produce a forecast for the day that makes senses and it is done in the hope that you could make some gain and or mitigate any potential losses because having a hint on direction, mood or sentiment from astral guidance may provide a slightly better planning, a second opinion and in some cases great chances to profit.
We request all readers to join this blog which is very easy to do.
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Soon this blog or our newsletter may only be for subscribing members and we will only release privileged and premium information that can mean a lot for real time traders who join our mailing list to come shortly.
For now please click the Follow link to feel your energy.
Please do not compare this humble site to any other blogs/sites because we produce absolutely unbiased work with highly focused
timing for reversal and pivot points with focus on micro trend and timing.
We can provide more info and analysis if we know that there are sufficient number of people interested.
Before posting comments we kindly suggest that you join this site by clicking Follow.

Key hours that can be very useful for the day
9:02 AM CST > 10:02 EST > 3:00 PM GMT
9:32 AM CST > 10:32 EST > 3:32 PM GMT
10:14 AM CST > 11:14 EST > 4:14 PM GMT

11:35 AM CST > 12:35 EST > 5:35 PM GMT
12:03 PM CST > 1:03 EST > 6:03 PM GMT
1:30 to 2:30 PM > 2:30 to 3:30 PM EST > 7:30 to 8:30 PM GMT

1:30 AM CST > 8:30 EST > 7:30 AM GMT

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday March 10th Intra day trading timing

Travels : Fair use caution Not negative but very forceful day
Trades : Subject to skill, not very positive as per our indicators despite so much bullishness. Somewhat positive and somewhat negative intra day activity.

Despite very powerful energy around there is lot of heat and this can cause force.
When too much force is gyrating fast more heat is generated that can cause overheating.
Errors made in haste, speaking too forcefully, sharp words spoken on impulse, or accidents occurring due to restlessness and impatience are all possible at this time

Please know this is an attempt to offer key and pivot hours with some precision to help the day and position traders in general on all markets. Later Asian and European hours would be available. For now let us focus on the current Center of the Financial universe which is the belt between Chicago to New York.

Key hours to watch

11:00 AM CST > 12:00 PM EST > 5:00 PM GMT caution
12:55 PM CST > 1:55 PM EST > 6:55 PM GMT
2:10 PM CST > 3:10 PM EST > 8:10 PM GMT
4.00 PM CST > 5:00 PM EST > 10:00 PM GMT
5:40 to 630 PM CST > 6:40 pm to 730 pm EST > 11:40 pm to 12:30 am GMT

The timing is for initial guidance however one must rely on technical indicators and personal exprience and wisdom to trade.
Have a good trading day friends!

More to follow..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9th March 2010 not what you see

Travels : Worrisome Critical moments not as expected
Trades : Critical and deceptive day for traders

What you see may not always be what you get.
What appears so positive may not be so.
Yet one does not have to be negative even when much negative passivity is in view, but be prepared for activity at an appropriate time.
One thing which many analysts and even some of my friends looking
at skies seeking harmonies on the Earth's material world, forget is that the confluence of a day at times may not be very strong yet the pent up energies of past days can be concentrating and then hit on the unexpected day. This happened during first few days of Jan this year and then to give you a recent example on March 5.
The rally on Friday should have been on Wed or Thursday but the energy concentrated in late afternoon on Thursday of which we informed emphatically and this
spilled over to the morning of Friday despite being a rather quiet neutral day.
The influence of positive or negative energies at times take time to create a critical mass to demonstrate its apparition so be very careful.

Astral event of Tuesday early hours at about 3:30 AM EST are not so harmonic so its energy will spill over to the trading day in NY.
Today like each day willl produce some opportunities for day traders and those who are very nimble and quick to read can benefit however it is not a recommended to go long or buy big time as this is a deceptive

Key hours that can be reversals or pivot points
11:00 CST
11:12 CST
12:06 CST
13:00 CST

PS: After market key hours and March 10th that can be notable

11:15 PM CST 12:15 AM EST 5:15 GMT
2:35 AM CST 3:35 AM EST 8:15 GMT

To some extent some micro moves
5 AM CST 6 AM EST 11 Noon GMT

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8 2010 Slow Dance of Mars

Travels : Be very careful slightly negative
Trades : Roller Coaster day

If you notice anything you started around or after 20th Dec something has been stalling or slowing down. This should impact more if you are an Aries or Scorpio or have Mars in Leo than you feel something more. The impact can dry or clog the blood, cause earth quakes and people feel impulsive, impatient and one feels depletion of energy, extreme highs or lows and similar.
This is caused by Mars mainly. Even though the red planet stations on March 10th it takes about 2 months to neutralize its influence. So From now to May you may find violent surprises and implosions/explosions in minds, hearts, markets and life.
The polarities can switch or change.
From this week to May should be a tumultous time with new polarities and one can go crazy fathoming highs and lows. If you bought anything from Dec 20 to Now it would be better to evaluate and sell it.

NOTE: Anything bought from 6 AM to 11.15 CST may go hayware so better stay quiet or watch and plan. Day traders should keep an eye on the direction.

KEEP A CLOSE WATCH on these Key hours CST

9:50 AM
11:07 AM
11:50 AM
1:08 PM
2:30 PM

Keep a watch on this blog.
Rest later coming at this blog

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