Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday March 5th 2010 Day of hot hair

Realistic projection of the trading day at

Travels : Challenging, Keep caution
Trades : Not so positive as it may appear. Any rally could be short lived so use extreme caution today and Monday.

This blog is to help the day trader to provide a few indicators on timing and the direction to some extent. This also helps position traders to enter/exit or plan their positions.

Sometimes natural forces are going to one side and direction and the human forces and their collective energy is going on opposite direction, this causes a strange stormy condition like you see in SouthWest Texas where warm winds of Gulf merge with Chill coming from North and this creates sudden hot or cold conditions. When that happens in the markets anything is possible but that warm day can be changed suddenly by cold chill and at times that can cause rain.
This should be the case today and Monday so go with caution.

Despite all there are key hours
Turning points for most major markets where you should keep a watch
ALL times as usual CST
8 50
10 10
12 30
12 50

Take wise decisions.
More later..

See the current scene of the world markets, MOST were green, a rare thing to happen on the same day but it tells us something interesting. World Stock Market Sentiment

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4 2010 an interesting trading day

Travels : Good
Trades : Beneficial yet a slighly challenging day for Day traders
There should be some kind of momentum forming around CST 9.15 am [10.15 am est]
There are opportunities each day and today should be no exception.
It could be a slightly quiet day despite confusion yet more enthusiasm than tumultous wednesday. Be alert for trading opportunities, there would be quite a few.

Around 9 AM CST -/+ 15 min there could be some triggers

Futures: Watch Gold Silver copper platinum palladium, Sugar Rice Soybeans Corn today
We would discuss some equities sectors and particular stocks or ETFs in a later blog.
We should be posting more in advance shortly.

When you notice our watch list or hints you decide the direction as per your own analysis, unless a clear positive or negative is given. When mentioned negatives that could be an opportunity for shorts.
Most of our indicators are meant for day traders in principle. We are refining the work to throw some more light on swing and short term projections. Please keep in touch as blog is updated regularly. Idea is to share realistic and worthy info that can make sense and profit. When you comment you may write your biases, opinions or thoughts too. We are working hard to provide a clearer picture each day and shortly for whole week.

Days to come?
I want to inform my friends that today at the end of the day there MIGHT be some action at the last hour.
From my analysis of various indicators Friday may be a down day continuing slightly to Monday. Tuesday there will be some positive action which will spill into Wednesday. So prepare your positions and if questions please post.

Shortly we should be able to write in advance about the coming day for selective Asian and European markets and some overnight Futures markets for the EU/US based traders.

NB: If you are really interested to make real profits, please follow this blog as we will show you some research work for a few of the ETFs, Stocks and in some cases some commodities. It is hard to talk to anonymous or an invisible person than a real warm one:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mercurial day for day traders 3 - 3 - 2010

Travels : Good
Trades : Good & beneficial for sharp. Very active day
3rd day of 3rd month with No 3 in year. This may be a Peak day to an extent so calculate the projections.

Caution: Be careful and try not Buy or enter into today at 2.45 PM onwards [3.45 EST]
This is valid till 8.15 PM cst [9.15 EST].
It may be good for shorts if you know what you are doing:)

12 noon to 1 CSTconflict

Dow Jones & SPX All CST Time
1.00 PM
2.30 to 2.43
From 2.44 Better not to buy

Nasdaq Key hours CST
8.00 am 8.15
12.35 Conflict
1.00 PM Strange Conflict watch
2.40 PM Risk

For 4th early hours 12.30 am to 6 am CST [1.30 am to 7 am EST] interesting for futures Big moves. Good for Euro zone ei 7.30 to 3 pm European time.

Currencies : USD may remain weak for time. Positive for EC AD CD SF

Slightly long term projection: Markets tend to weaken from tomorrow for some time. Next good time will begin on 18th. As you know we tend to project for the day to make it work. If TODAYS are good all tomorrows will be good!!

Will add on some stocks, futures and other assets slighly later.

NB: We may be posting the market scene for Thursday March 4th on Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trading and knowing before the BIG moves

All timings that were posted on in past 7 trading days have been 99.5 % accurate.
We advised last week to buy on Thursday or Friday and sell on Tuesday Wednesday this week. Few dozen traders who followed have reported me that they have made huge gains. People have also made huge gains on Copper, Gold and silver as per our suggestion.
We suggested Cotton and Coffee futures yesterday and some people have made a huge gain.
We also suggested yesterday SLB Schlumberger stock and it has proved to be well too.
If you are really a serious real time trader join this blog and rest is your choice.

Is it only the Moon that plays the market?
Moon surely influences the nerves of all beings. But there are larger planetary bodies smaller and bigger than ours and these have their repulsion or gravitation and they drive all living forces on our poor planet. The same is reflected on all of us and consequently to the market. The problem is not that. Problem is how do we read into all this cryptic darkness. I have been a serious researcher not for years but for a few decades and I have devised a mechanism that can give a projection. I am now working on refining some major stocks and so far my testing is working well. We can project successfully, and believe or not 70 to 90% works. Of course we must consult the other aspects too like news of the stock or technical which is better.
E.g. I was studying C Citi and I find that it will make a major move from now to the end of this month. I have the exact dates when we can buy and then sell or keep. I am going to do some more tests. I will share few of them on my blog.

Of course we do not recommend or suggest it is merely a reading and you can act only with your work to back up. We can not be held responsible because there is no claim to make nor we are saying we are going to be always accurate. Nobody can do that. It is all a game of probability yet it is better than the game of dices that most people use to buy or sell.
I find that hilarious and then they lose big time and sulk, suffer and swear. We can not trade UNLESS we can make an intelligent decision. Buy or sell on impulse is naive and is like a lottery.
If you have any particular stock post your comment and we can discuss that.

NB: I request that you please follow this blog even though anonymously, as it is completely safe and your identity or email is never visible. We will disable the anon posting shortly. One must know with whom one is communicating. It is very essential as we will reply to friends who FOLLOW just for the records.
Hope you understand. We will be posting some of the requests on blogs too.

Tuesday March two day crucial trading hours

Travels : Caution

Trades : Ok. Subject to your personal luck and skill market will provide opportunities.

It Can be a day of interesting surprises. Everything is possible.

All times CST Central Time

9 AM Turning point
11 to 11:13 AM Interesting
12 PM Turning point
1:38 PM Harmony
2:15 PM Balance

Sorry I have been confused with timings and from Tomorrow I will post with more precision as I have had some conflicts with GMT EST and CST and day light hours.

PS: As you may note we can post times for certain specific markets if possible.
For Nasdaq + NQ + QQQQ I should have posted 12.13 12.53 AM 2.38 3.15 pm
and for Futures tonight 9.20/9.30 and 10.12 PM and 710 AM for Wed all CST.

Please know that we can not succeed with assumptions. Perceptions formed based on experience are more useful than what we hear or read or believe. Planetary influences can be very treacherous and that is why the treacherous moves in the markets, that are presented each day or hour.
What you were thinking may not be true!! So always keep a contrarian argument to harmonize the perception.
A retrograde or direct planet can reverse all what others have been calculating.
For example, Mars turns direct on March 10th but its impact may be due after 2/3 days.

PS: Position of SLB has come out to be as it was showing yesterday. People who listened carefully last week have made very good gains today so you can not complain:)

I will post from tomorrow TIMING for Nasdaq, Dow Jones and in some cases S&P as that could make more sense. I have been posting timing of general market and this has to be adjusted as per the needs and can vary 20 to 30 minutes -+.
More later...

Monday, March 1, 2010

How to separate the gold from dust

There are so many views, so many patterns to study and so much to digest for an average trader or manager. It would be much easier if we focused on certain sectors, commodities and some stocks to make it work. I am working on some specific areas now as that could be useful for many friends. If you have any suggestions for any stocks, commodities, futures or fx, please comment and I would surely give you a reading and quick analysis based on my proprietary mechanics that I use to project further.

One sure thing we all must know is that we must absorb and digest all input from all yet decision to trade must be refined and rethought many times by us.
I am just focusing on today for now but I have been given an idea as to study individual commodities and stocks that we could play besides the wide covering indices etc.

Long term plays can only be sustained by well off and well healed and for traders with budget we should be focusing on one day at a time and max a week to come of course it does not hurt to project a month to have clarity.

The idea is to make some gains if we can not do that all talk is just nice talk.

After the jolts some more jolts - Monday for Day traders

Travels : Better to avoid. Results will be mixed.
Trades : Beneficial. Tricky and boiling day with extreme pressure
A day made for Day traders

KEY hours that may work for day trades

All times Central time
Some conflict at/around 9 AM and around open
Volatile Spikes at 11 am, 11.36 am and 12 pm
More action could be in afternoon hours
1 pm - 1.15 PM CST Positive

This week 2 1/2 up days and 2 neutral
Week 8th/12 March negative
Interesting moves today in all Metals, Energy futures, a few Currencies and few commodities like Cotton, Coffee

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