Friday, February 26, 2010

How do we foresee into future? - dissoloving the myths of capital markets

As all experienced traders and investors know that it is literally impossible for anyone to really predict the market course minute to minute. It is not possible and if anyone claims that he or she is hallucinating or a good sales person!!

Fundamental : Please know that all the fundamental analysis, news, information and piles of books, newspapers, sites are useless if you do not specialize. The generic information is nothing but fluff and of not of much use to real traders and investors. IF that was true all great readers would be excellent investors.

Technical : Technical analysis is pretty good because it already factors the above and including the sentiments of the markets. However it takes a long time before one can actually device or perfect a system that really works or results in reliable indicators. Technical readings or any other reading into market is done with our biases and we conclude and judge by our knowledge. Knowledge must be equaled by experience. I know many technical analysts who know nothing about markets and their readings or million line stories are nothing but a maze of junk. You can forget it because you can not make a decision simply by these long stories.
The only way is to do it yourself slowly and gradually and apply it yourself as per your needs.

Feelings : Many people just work by their gut feeling and their absorbed knowledge, info and together we can call it the sentiment; that one has about a particular market or asset. If we rely only on this factor we are doomed. When entire or majority of the market relies on FEELINGS we are doomed for sure and the course is predictable.

Waves and Mathematics : Yes it is all part of nature because we are nature. Yet waves and mathematics, Fibonacci ratios do not really predict a market. They can give us an idea for some clues and some support or resistance etc. picture.
However just relying on these may not be very wise because these are just factors that we may consider. They do not make or break or drive a market.

Esoteric ideas : Many people have funny ideas. I see them using their cat, dog, a sand jar, tea leaves, Indian, Chinese, Mayan and other holy crap and balls etc. All this is as good as the water that is drained in your kitchen sink.
All this does not work in reality. It is just our own subconscious that drives all this mumbo jumbo and nonsense. Most of it is entertainment.

Astrology : 99% of astrologers that you read are actually merely copying someone's ideas or basing psychic kind of ideas that do not make any sense. 99% of astrological readings that you find on the common web sites, magazines or even commercial books is nothing but funny literature for gullible people with little brain of their own. YOU KNOW WHY? Because it is not serious nor the astrologers are serious. They are mostly doing it to pass time or get by to manage a living out of it. Most of it is fictional.

Then what is it that works?
There is a very minor segment of esoteric astrologers and seers who know deeply about the false layers of materialistic smoke that is out there in form of currencies, economies and systems. Most of these systems are man made just to run lives so that some people who are very clever can enrich, live a good life to fulfill their egos and rest of them just are used as fodder.
Out of this minority there are just a few people who really KNOW the secrets of the universe and they can see into past, present and future like a common driver can see the road ahead.

This segment is popularly known as Financial and Mundane astrology but frankly it is much abused too. Most of the moronic stuff you find is unrealistic.
I can tell you that 99% of the very expensive and 10k an hour guys are nothing but clever business people who are abusing others for their personal benefits because they just speculate.

Yet there are some seers who can see through the veil of unreal and real.
There is a way to see into future. This can not be explained in plain words BUT it does work. We use an inexplicable yet real system that is based on eternal knowledge which is neither ancient nor modern because it is timeless.

There is a way to know the basics of our man made world and the real natural universe. This digging and seeing is a very delicate art and science. It is a science because it is based upon real LAWS. These laws are not made by moronic individuals but by higher creative forces which ordinary human beings can not fathom.

We will elaborate on this issue in a later session. Till then we must calm down, not be greedy and shed all fears. That is the only way to live! Once you can live normally you can always win, not only the markets but your life's achievements in a single shot. One has to first close the eyes and dissolve the junk!!

Friday 26th Feb Trading day to come

Travel : Get back home safely but overall not that bad
Trades : Not THAT bad.
Similar forecast as travels. Could be worse but thank for whatever in hand even though a bit of shocks and surprises.

It is repeated that this blog post is an orientation for friends who day trade futures, currencies and equities. However we will have some indications for future. We do not recommend buying or selling any particular asset or market.

The most important thing for a day trader is to know the TIMING.
The right timing can be the most important element in most cases because whatever the technical charts say, things can be totally different than expected.

Time factor alongwith a hint of direction is enough however it is vital to have in foreground a good knowledge of the market, observed through fundamental or technical analysis or both. At times any of the analysis provides no clues or even a remote hint. Serious astrology can offer a window into good timing.

The KEY hours :

9 AM CST Important to watch

11 AM CST Negative

12 AM CST Few spikes around Noon CST

2 PM CST Very interesting

4 PM CST Interesting. Closing hours are more interesting than opening hours.

March will be a month of great surprises. Just prepare well!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Markets to come on Thursday

Travels : Good day
Trades : Not SO bad afterall

When we post here please consider the entire day of 24 hours.
When everything is dark, even a minor spark appears so visible. Everything is down but green returns after red and brown.

Treasuries, USD index, Jap Yen, Platinum is up.
Today is another day of minor surprises.
Not a good idea to suggest when and what to buy/sell as that is subject to your own personal choices and situations and familiarity with a sector, commodity, indice or area of speciality. I strongly suggest to check blog as we can add more information at later hours, and also click on Follow.
Your feedback is very important. Readers energy should be felt to offer more details.
Once known what readers wish will post more specific.

KEY hours crucial for day/position trades. Be careful. Could be a good time to buy - Today and Friday - for the next week.

9.18 am CST. 20 minutes -/+
2 PM cst - 45 minutes -/+
Other interesting hours :
11:50 AM
1230 PM

18:00 PM

Metals like Silver, Gold, Copper will be volatile and low to highs and may offer good opportunity to position for scalper, daytrader and swings.

Additional : Know that we are not in any real trend. It is all volatile and subject to so many variables. The energy is dispersed and not together.
We are entering into a very major direction change or reversal on intermediate term yet we must watch each day carefully and in this environment trading for the day or maximum a swing of 2/3 days is wiser.
My indicators are for the day mostly that also covers evenings and early hours. But if enough people are there I can post for swing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do Ben and Barak have answers to the Economy?

Travels : Not good really
Trades : Very bad for most. If you are nimble and can make quick decisions yet today is a neutral day or rather negative to neutral. Any short lived rally is not real.
The real buying time may begin tomorrow even though not as good as on Fri. I will share with you timing for Thurs and Fri.
9 AM somewhat Positive 30 min -+
1.30 to 2.15 PM 20 min -+
A small window between 12.30 to 1.15 pm some moves

Sorry I am late today because I have been awake much of the night, doing lots of research into past recessions, market crashes of past centuries and I find that neither Ben Bernanke has an answer nor the President of a country. The economies are moved by sheer invisible forces that reside in the collective subconscious that are governed by dormant forces which drive the inner impulses.

Commodities : I do see some real good moves on few agri commodities for next days.
If there is any interest I will post for your benefit.

FOREX : There is a long setup for 2 currencies.

Will be adding more later

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moon Mars play this morning

If you read news you see the consumer confidence index and if you are a Forex trader you see that the dollar index is high, but if you are an astrologer you see the Moon and Mars play like kids at 9 am CST and this means extreme volatility and bi polar swings.

The market today and tomorrow is going to be very shaky and a rough ride!!

At 1 PM cst today there will be conflict.
At 2 pm there is some harmony. So make your decisions.

You could buy some dips with stop losses.

Stocks on 23rd Feb

Travels : good day
Trades : Not very bright

Markets in general equities and commodities will remain weak or rather not very trendy yet there would be 2 main spikes for the day.
Early Morning markets will be gloomy.
The first hour will have some spikes around 9 am and then at 2pm.
I am not going to post more specifics for now.

I can post more specifically later on some Commodities and Futures if someone asks me.

Copper Futures

I was watching Copper market Monday and I did take a realtime futures position during the day. Unless you have something at stake you dont feel the market. However keep in mind that we can only gain or lose as per our own personal chart or emotional karmic setup. As I said despite you knowing in advance you may still lose. It happened to me as I had my position without any stop whole day and evening and at 11.40 PM I had to put a stop loss to prepare to close and at 11.42 I was stopped loss and a min after that Copper made a sharp 6 point move. Monday had to be a day of loss for most people.
The market had 4 up cycles despite being in decline overall since the European session had already been down.
As per I had posted the market did make moves sharpt at 11 PM CST.
If you want to see the copper moves, you will see that sharply at 11 pm CST on 22nd Feb Copper made a huge move from 328 to 334. Then at around 5 am 23rd Feb another big move from lower to higher.

Today there will be a move around 9 AM and 2 pm.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Copper Futures Monday

I had my astro clock bit confusing because it seems I was not sure of day light hour difference. I fixed it now. Currently looking at Copper.
It had a decline around 9 am cst.
1o to 11 AM was favorable but at 12 mercury saturn conflict so bit confusing and again at 2 pm Moon against mer/sat.
March Futures fell from 335 to 329.
Copper has some favorable move tonight at 11 to 5 am which means Asian market may pull it up on 23rd Morning.

When uncertainty hits the markets

I was aghast and shocked last night when looking at conflicting planetary moves for coming day, yet futures that were all into greens. I thought it was because of USD indexd that most was green but my planetary numbers were telling me that Monday is a down day. I do doubt many times a day if the astrology or any other predictive science can actually do foretell what is to come? At times technical or fundamental analysis of any asset will tell us the clear route to future.

YET despite all, all that is expected sometimes as per our "wishes" or desires or will does not seem to happen.
Today was one such day. I was resisting to post today but I did. I will post my readings frequently for the benefit of many of my friends. It is geared for traders and investors who believe in a second opinion, and who prefer to mitigate any potential losses because in my opinion all that is not lost is actually a premium.
Yet losses do happen. Even when when we know the course of the market. Even when we are in a clear trend. We can still lose!! I will write on that again because this is the question many of my friends have asked me time and again.

I will post my readings. Read them with skepticism or with belief you still must make your own decisions based on your own system. No system in this world can be as good as your own.

NB: If you are a micro time trader and you have any special commodity or sector of equities that you want to work, please let me know. I try to post general trends for now based on S&P 500, Gold and few other major commodities. I will try to read into some key sectors too.

Market on Monday Feb 22

Monday : Negative for trade and travels

The Chinese new year began with a Tiger like run. Each cyclic move is going to be pretty tigerish, aggressive and unpredictable at times this year.

Monday will be a day of uncertainty, fear and shocks.
The expected by many may not be there.
All times CST.

10 AM CST will provide some respite for a short time.
There would be a window of respite again at 12 noon.
Respite for Bulls here that is.
Around 11 AM CST a minor Gold move and then later this evening in Gold futures.
Monday would be a negative day for travel and trades.

Be careful and trade with caution
Expect positive changes today at 8 and 11 pm and then Tues morning 1 AM 5 AM.

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