Friday, February 19, 2010

Jay the Wizard and use of occult sciences to predict the markets

Friend Jay Strauss is a wizard for sure. He has developed his own system that includes real practical experience. Geared for the day traders, his blog is populated always with friendly people.

I have decided to post frequently on various markets some of my analysis for the benefit of hard working traders. I will be frankly using astrology to write a prognosis without any biases or other noise.

So far in my experience of working with few very large clients I have found that if we use Financial Astrology in concordance with some technical with fundamental picture in the foreground, we can form some knowledge that can be used to guide us in the darkness. In reality Astrology in Greek means the science of Light.
Obviously some innocent people who do not understand it they ridicule it but we are driven by the influence of not only Earthly gravity but also by the powerful magnetic force of other stars and planetary bodies around our Sun and Earth.

I would be posting some brief hints herewith for broad market and some key commodity markets including the Currencies.

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