Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Market gyrations on March 12th Wednesday

The market today may remain sluggish to slightly positive. So handle with care.
The chances of having an up day would be because of the commodities that as projected earlier are having a green day so far in futures.

Overall it may remain positive.

Be watchful at middle of the day 12 CST time or 13.00 PM EST
Then at about 1.30 pm cst / 2.30 pm est another reversal potential

Will get with more news and projection shortly.

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I tried to post a comment replying AS2009 and It was impossible for there is some error perhaps the blogspot server run by Google is crashing.

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Good Morning AS2009

Welcome to this humble blog.
I tried to post twice a comment but it crashed. So I am trying on another browser.
Yes I today appears to be slightly positive but it may not be very high just a mediocre day ideal for speculators and day traders.

Commodities upside push may help the markets.
Will get with more shortly.

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