Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Currency Forex Markets Trade setups for real traders

One of the tragedies of the currency trades is that most people who are lured by heavy marketing of some known Forex companies with popular websites lose literally each dollar they invest.

Most of the retail currency traders lose every thing. I mean LITERALLY all of their account in most cases.

Professionals are fewer in this trade. Currencies are mainly traded by very large institutional traders, banks, governments and some major corporations mainly. Yet the lure and attraction of making it quick attract thousands of people who believe in the glittering ads glaring at all business sites and publications.

We can provide real time, really working Currency trade setups for genuine traders and we will do so when there are enough people who first register at this blog. We will be soon offering a private news letter which will be free initially to all new Blog Followers.
We will be offering Clear BUY OR SELL instructions with days hours etc. based on 2 to 5 days positions usually. However we will not be able to offer this on public websites for some reasons. We will also guide you how to chose the best asset to trade.

If you want you may join the blog initially at http://worldmarketpulse.blogspot.com


alex9 said...

Hi, Thank you for setting up this blog. I am alex9. Would appreciate if we can have update of eur/usd, bp/usd, and usd/jpy. Thank you Astral.

astralguide said...

hello Alex9 Pls join the blog to get any feedback.

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