Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April the 13th Tuesday market scene

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If you notice today is Tuesday and 13th, some people in the Americas consider this combination as negative even though Mars may not necessarily be involved on each Tuesday even though Tuesday represents Mars. In parts of Europe some people believe Friday on 13th day is a negative day. This superstition or whatever we may call it does influence some people and they are driven by these ideas. They do that because some times the history does repeat!!

Well now coming back to our market today the scene is already more or less projected or predicted. We are forming this week the top of a ring which means we still have 14th, 15th and 16th April. The peak should be on these 3 days for short term. I am looking for right timing but the best day could be either 15th or 16th I need to refine that.

As already posted several times even though we are driven naturally for a correction which is imminent from 19th because my reading for 20th to 28th is so clearly negative yet because of manipulative intervention we can never know that a falling kite can re-fly. It is like a bird shot by an [evil] shooter that starts re-flying. Sounds so good or may be it was the soul that started flying yet the physical aspect fell on ground. Yes that is the reason you saw anomalies in January and March for few days and many dead birds were seen flying.
If that analogy is used our sky is full of many large dead birds literally falling but lo and behold they start flying again. What a miracle:)

Find, research and share the best vehicles you could short.
I wont short some commodities for now because they would be receiving some of the capital out of sell off of general equities. We could discuss those.
Currencies are also forming a breaking point.

On 13th at 2 AM and 6 AM CST there were two negative angles that propelled markets to be down or some dead birds falling really.
Then at 9.45 AM there was a minor negative aspect involving Moon with Neptune causing depressive mood.

However the scene will change from middle of the day especailly after 11 am and 1230 CST hence this late blog, because I knew day traders would be shorting the market today.

So watch out the second half part of the market and watch 11, 12 and last hour carefully.

Share if you are going to short on 14th, 15th or 16th or 19th?
If the natural course is followed we should be down big way next week on and it will continue for the rest of the month and spilling over to early May.

Going long on sugar and soybeans can be very exciting today.

Your comments, questions, answer and views are welcome.

To read the full blog please go to http://astralguide.blogspot.com

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For day traders there is a blog at http://astralguide.blogspot.com

We are trying to post here shortly forecasts in brief for some ETFs and other assets that are traded frequently.

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