Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trading and knowing before the BIG moves

All timings that were posted on http://astralguide.blogspot.com in past 7 trading days have been 99.5 % accurate.
We advised last week to buy on Thursday or Friday and sell on Tuesday Wednesday this week. Few dozen traders who followed have reported me that they have made huge gains. People have also made huge gains on Copper, Gold and silver as per our suggestion.
We suggested Cotton and Coffee futures yesterday and some people have made a huge gain.
We also suggested yesterday SLB Schlumberger stock and it has proved to be well too.
If you are really a serious real time trader join this blog and rest is your choice.

Is it only the Moon that plays the market?
Moon surely influences the nerves of all beings. But there are larger planetary bodies smaller and bigger than ours and these have their repulsion or gravitation and they drive all living forces on our poor planet. The same is reflected on all of us and consequently to the market. The problem is not that. Problem is how do we read into all this cryptic darkness. I have been a serious researcher not for years but for a few decades and I have devised a mechanism that can give a projection. I am now working on refining some major stocks and so far my testing is working well. We can project successfully, and believe or not 70 to 90% works. Of course we must consult the other aspects too like news of the stock or technical which is better.
E.g. I was studying C Citi and I find that it will make a major move from now to the end of this month. I have the exact dates when we can buy and then sell or keep. I am going to do some more tests. I will share few of them on my blog.

Of course we do not recommend or suggest it is merely a reading and you can act only with your work to back up. We can not be held responsible because there is no claim to make nor we are saying we are going to be always accurate. Nobody can do that. It is all a game of probability yet it is better than the game of dices that most people use to buy or sell.
I find that hilarious and then they lose big time and sulk, suffer and swear. We can not trade UNLESS we can make an intelligent decision. Buy or sell on impulse is naive and is like a lottery.
If you have any particular stock post your comment and we can discuss that.

NB: I request that you please follow this blog even though anonymously, as it is completely safe and your identity or email is never visible. We will disable the anon posting shortly. One must know with whom one is communicating. It is very essential as we will reply to friends who FOLLOW just for the records.
Hope you understand. We will be posting some of the requests on blogs too.


Reza said...


I clicked on the follow button, wonder if it registered.


astralguide said...

Hello Reza
Well it did not apparently. May be you did not complete it or may be it shows after some time. Thank you for clicking. Welcome to this blog. Your valuable comments and suggestions are very welcome. As you see we are trying to project into very specific assets, markets and timings and not trying to project into macro trends for now.

astralguide said...

Welcome Reza
You are visible now:)
Welcome to all friends who would like to follow the blog for day traders of Futures, ETFs and Stocks and also of Forex currency pairs or indices.

rrman said...

just joined thanks for the info...

astralguide said...

Welcome RRMAN
Hope you can add your valuable experience and comment on assets that may be trading or need some second opinions. Will try to give some ideas on Currency pairs and other stuff too.

indigo said...

Hi Astral, thanks for your swing projections. I do very much welcome information like when to buy/sell and to hold until which day. For now, I'm inclined to think that we correct possibly Wed and Fri, and a high on the 9th and correction until the 12th. Does that match your forecasts too?

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