Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mercurial day for day traders 3 - 3 - 2010

Travels : Good
Trades : Good & beneficial for sharp. Very active day
3rd day of 3rd month with No 3 in year. This may be a Peak day to an extent so calculate the projections.

Caution: Be careful and try not Buy or enter into today at 2.45 PM onwards [3.45 EST]
This is valid till 8.15 PM cst [9.15 EST].
It may be good for shorts if you know what you are doing:)

12 noon to 1 CSTconflict

Dow Jones & SPX All CST Time
1.00 PM
2.30 to 2.43
From 2.44 Better not to buy

Nasdaq Key hours CST
8.00 am 8.15
12.35 Conflict
1.00 PM Strange Conflict watch
2.40 PM Risk

For 4th early hours 12.30 am to 6 am CST [1.30 am to 7 am EST] interesting for futures Big moves. Good for Euro zone ei 7.30 to 3 pm European time.

Currencies : USD may remain weak for time. Positive for EC AD CD SF

Slightly long term projection: Markets tend to weaken from tomorrow for some time. Next good time will begin on 18th. As you know we tend to project for the day to make it work. If TODAYS are good all tomorrows will be good!!

Will add on some stocks, futures and other assets slighly later.

NB: We may be posting the market scene for Thursday March 4th on Wednesday afternoon.


astralguide said...

We will be projecting some stocks and sectors for your consideration and discussion to do some moves just before the right time and to do some planning work. Please Join this blog by clicking FOLLOW. Of course you may also subscribe by feeds on Google or any other Reader. However it is very important to feel the energy and I can give a better projection to someone whose identity I know.

Reza said...

Thanks Astral

astralguide said...

It hit right at 8.45 cst 945 est. Good Morning Reza.

Jon said...

This is absolutely sharp. I have done very good with your Currency ideas. It came out to be 100% accurate. What else can I say? I am sure people will benefit from your projections Astralguide. Thank you for helping me today.

astralguide said...

Someone wrote me yesterday about FCX. I dont have all data on Freeport McMoran. I contacted the largest miner of Gold Copper and Molybd. I only have their listing data. The poster is not registered so I did not post any reading. But the stock fired on last 26th Feb. I will post the next good move on FCX shortly.

If you want to know on any stock or commodity you must click on FOLLOW as we must know the identity.
It is only for a small friendly circle.

fx trader said...

Your blog is so interesting for me. I wish I had known before. I just happened to be sent a link and note that you were so right with all that you mentioned.

Quality Stocks said...

XLF are 2 ETFs I would love to see.

mk said...

When you said about March 4th:'Good for Euro zone ei 7.30 to 3 pm European time',did you mean the Euro currency or it is a positive time for European markets in general?

astralguide said...

Hello Quality Stocks
I would surely reply you shortly. In reality as you know when we study XLF which has no "personality" of its own, I have to study the underlying assets and get a general picture and create some scores. It is a slightly tedious than a regular stock. GDX actually represents Gold Futures and I am already studying that. I will get back on that shortly. Would you mind clicking on the FOLLOW link on right side of the blog. This way you can receive premium information privately at times that may not be published on blog. Just an idea:)

astralguide said...

I also study and analyze Asian and European zones markets generally for my work, even though I do not post here. If there are people interested I can do that too briefly.

Few of my friends who trade futures like to know if there are opportunities [There are some times!] during the Europe open. I feel that some European markets may do some good moves and it also impacts the key commodities futures that are traded during those hours and of course it also includes the currency pairs. But in this case I dint mean Euro Currency. However at times when general European Bourses are doing positive move and there is no scary news Eur does also move along. But these days EUR has been beaten and being oversold some move may be there:)
Currency and Forex trade is extremely volatile and require serious focus as many day traders tend to trade just by technicals and they end up losing heavily.

Brenda Nielson said...

Dear Astralguide
Thanking you for your geat and good work indeed. I benefitted really just relying on your guidance. Can we discuss something about GOOG Google Inc. whenever possible?
Thanking you in advance.

hiyoka said...

Hello astralguide
First of all, thank you for your valuable information.
I'm a student in astrology, and have just started to learn financial/mundane astrology.
Your comments are very helpful and encouraging for me to keep on studying so many things around this world. Since I live in Japan, my trading/exploring ground is mainly Nikkei225 which I think is approximately a follower of US stock market, Chinese market, and some currencies. And I'm glad if you could post a reference of Nikkei or Asian markets occasionally.

I don't think I can post any useful comment here due to my lack of experience in trading and ability in English language, but I just want to express my gratitude. :)

astralguide said...

Dear Hiyoka

Welcome my friend. Glad to know that you are a student of an ancient science that is mostly forgotten by our "modern" world.
Everything that happens to us, around us economically, politically or socially is because of our own interests, greed, fears and manipulation yet behind and beneath all these emotions there are forces that are not seen by most nor fully understood and because of this lack of understanding there is war, poverty, fear and loneliness or rather separateness among all of us living beings.

I would surely comment on Nikkei and the Japanese Market in General as well the Chinese and other Asian markets. I do not follow very closely everyday for living in a different time zone but I do monitor them, and I do have interest to develop some help for Japanese traders. I will discuss that with you shortly. I used to provide some Japanese stocks help to a few big investors in Japan!

Your English is really superb and I am very pleased to see you on this humble blog. Please comment or ask anything that you want and we will try to discuss that.

hiyoka said...

Thank you for your kind words, Astralguide.
Although it will take a little time for me to put my thought into English, I will be happy talking with you.

AS said...

Hi Astral,

Nice site - will be visiting often :)

Can you share your outlook for the next week or 10 days .... from a swing trade perspective

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