Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8 2010 Slow Dance of Mars

Travels : Be very careful slightly negative
Trades : Roller Coaster day

If you notice anything you started around or after 20th Dec something has been stalling or slowing down. This should impact more if you are an Aries or Scorpio or have Mars in Leo than you feel something more. The impact can dry or clog the blood, cause earth quakes and people feel impulsive, impatient and one feels depletion of energy, extreme highs or lows and similar.
This is caused by Mars mainly. Even though the red planet stations on March 10th it takes about 2 months to neutralize its influence. So From now to May you may find violent surprises and implosions/explosions in minds, hearts, markets and life.
The polarities can switch or change.
From this week to May should be a tumultous time with new polarities and one can go crazy fathoming highs and lows. If you bought anything from Dec 20 to Now it would be better to evaluate and sell it.

NOTE: Anything bought from 6 AM to 11.15 CST may go hayware so better stay quiet or watch and plan. Day traders should keep an eye on the direction.

KEEP A CLOSE WATCH on these Key hours CST

9:50 AM
11:07 AM
11:50 AM
1:08 PM
2:30 PM

Keep a watch on this blog.
Rest later coming at this blog


Reza said...

Any thing for Taurus people


astralguide said...

Good morning Reza

It all depends on your natal chart but don't worry really. These are macro trends that affect our life in general but in particular on areas where Mars is more prominent. Most people think it is all a hogwash and fantasy.
It is actually more real than our own life. I hope your day is going fine. The real volatile day today. Very interesting to watch.

Reza said...

Do u know how to do natal charts, that will be interesting to know

astralguide said...

Dear Reza
Yes. Natal chart of each individual drives one. Success in the markets is subject to our own natal chart's positioning at times and of course from that the WILL to succeed or fail arises.

Reza said...


Do u have forecast for the whole week


astralguide said...

Well on a long term macro picture this week "should be" on lower side but there is very strong energy and pull due to extreme "heat" that is around 9th March. This can cause markets to go either side violently.
On technical side we are slightly overbought on short term but on intermediate term markets are hot and bullish.

From natural energy that drives the markets subconsciously is very volatile, confused and "violent" and this can cause sudden highs and lows.

fxtrader said...

Thanks Astralguide for your timing and timely caution notes. It does help me a great deal and I am so grateful for your time and positive energy to provide this most valualble blog. I am your regular visitor and reader and see that all that you post has come out to be 100% accurate.
Keep it up!! WE NEED YOUR BLOG:)

Reza said...

Hi Astral,

Any ETF's


Anonymous said...

I cant believe but I have to admit it is true. You said ROLLER COASTER YES indeed it was a Roller Coaster day.
Very much so.

Your daily forecasts are so close to the reality. I find it very amazing and useful. Please also post some predictions for the other markets specially Asia and some hint on currencies. I appreciate a lot.

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