Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4 2010 an interesting trading day

Travels : Good
Trades : Beneficial yet a slighly challenging day for Day traders
There should be some kind of momentum forming around CST 9.15 am [10.15 am est]
There are opportunities each day and today should be no exception.
It could be a slightly quiet day despite confusion yet more enthusiasm than tumultous wednesday. Be alert for trading opportunities, there would be quite a few.

Around 9 AM CST -/+ 15 min there could be some triggers

Futures: Watch Gold Silver copper platinum palladium, Sugar Rice Soybeans Corn today
We would discuss some equities sectors and particular stocks or ETFs in a later blog.
We should be posting more in advance shortly.

When you notice our watch list or hints you decide the direction as per your own analysis, unless a clear positive or negative is given. When mentioned negatives that could be an opportunity for shorts.
Most of our indicators are meant for day traders in principle. We are refining the work to throw some more light on swing and short term projections. Please keep in touch as blog is updated regularly. Idea is to share realistic and worthy info that can make sense and profit. When you comment you may write your biases, opinions or thoughts too. We are working hard to provide a clearer picture each day and shortly for whole week.

Days to come?
I want to inform my friends that today at the end of the day there MIGHT be some action at the last hour.
From my analysis of various indicators Friday may be a down day continuing slightly to Monday. Tuesday there will be some positive action which will spill into Wednesday. So prepare your positions and if questions please post.

Shortly we should be able to write in advance about the coming day for selective Asian and European markets and some overnight Futures markets for the EU/US based traders.

NB: If you are really interested to make real profits, please follow this blog as we will show you some research work for a few of the ETFs, Stocks and in some cases some commodities. It is hard to talk to anonymous or an invisible person than a real warm one:)


AS said...

Hi Astral,

Nice site - will be visiting often :)

Can you share your outlook for the next week or 10 days .... from a swing trade perspective

astralguide said...

Hello AS

You are welcome my friend.
Sure will be doing that today.
It would be nice if you could add yourself on the blog by clicking Follow, as this creates a connection:)
It is not really very essential but it will help form a circle that can discuss and use the information witn more advantages and fun.
Have a good day today!

khan said...

I made money because of your information. Please keep up the good work. Thanks

astralguide said...

Great to hear from you Khan.
I see a change coming for CITI C shortly probably exploding in about 10 days. Just for records I am long on C, IWM and UNG for now. I closed SLB yesterday.

5LittleWunz said...

Good morning Astral. Do you still see next week as a down week and does that include commodities such as gold and copper?

astralguide said...

Hello Good Morning 5littlewunz
I have been struggling with a few positions on futures market. So much volatility out there without much direction.
Yes next week is bit sluggish except one and half positive days so far. It may remain neutral to down. I would try posting detailed more precise views shortly. If you read these blogs and comments you will find that I already hinted quite a lot. Will do more..

indigo said...

Thanks for your swing views, Astralguide. Do you see Opex week as possibly bullish going into the new moon especially? Many thanks.

astralguide said...

Hello Indigo
Great to hear from you. I do see OPEX week green but for now I only see minor spike on 17th and then 18/19th slightly up. I am going to look more closely. Are you dealing with some condor or credit spreads?
New moon brings some reversals at times but it is treacherous. The week ahead of that is much more intense.

astralguide said...

Hello Jay
I cant seem to reach you. Please check the mail:)

Reza said...


Try at twitter:


astralguide said...

Ok thanks Reza, he by mistake saved an incorrect config and the comments on the blog got blocked by public. I hope he checks his mail upon his return:)

astralguide said...

I want to inform my friends that today at the end of the day there MIGHT be some action at the last hour.
From my analysis of various indicators Friday may be a down day continuing slightly to Monday. Tuesday there will be some positive action which will spill into Wednesday. So prepare your positions and if questions please post.

Profitsbytheday said...

You informed in advance the last big move today and I am sure some of the people here may have done the day just by working at the last 30 minutes. A big THANK YOU Astral guide for your wonderful blog. I keep a track of it and subscribed the Blog and Comments. It is invaluable for me. Best regards

astralguide said...

Great to see you Profitsbytheday

You are welcome to track the blog anytime, sure you will find good updates.

I am not writing on any stocks or Etfs right now for a reason. The market for short term is overbought and weak and I expect and foresee a very weak action for almost two weeks, intermittently there should be about 2/3 positive days of which you will read. You may like to give me your reading of the markets and we can discuss more.

Quality Stocks said...

Thank you so much for the site.


indigo said...

Hi Astral, yes, I primarily trade index options, as you can guess. :) That's why I like the swing views because I don't day trade. Right now I'm conflicted between 2 views. The first is that we make a high some time between 7-9 March around 1128, and then correct to about 1112 into 12 March. And if we do correct into next Friday, then I'm inclined to think that we go up from there into around 17 March, and correct more strongly from there into around 26 Mar. So it matches your views somewhat except for the 15-17 Mar segment, which I'm not sure about.

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