Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 2010 Thursday for day trading

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Trades : Not so strong nor good.

It is a lower side of the short term cycle with a very weak market today and tomorrow. Despite that there are opportunities for traders in some particular time frames and some assets. It takes hours of work to produce a forecast for the day that makes senses and it is done in the hope that you could make some gain and or mitigate any potential losses because having a hint on direction, mood or sentiment from astral guidance may provide a slightly better planning, a second opinion and in some cases great chances to profit.
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timing for reversal and pivot points with focus on micro trend and timing.
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Key hours that can be very useful for the day
9:02 AM CST > 10:02 EST > 3:00 PM GMT
9:32 AM CST > 10:32 EST > 3:32 PM GMT
10:14 AM CST > 11:14 EST > 4:14 PM GMT

11:35 AM CST > 12:35 EST > 5:35 PM GMT
12:03 PM CST > 1:03 EST > 6:03 PM GMT
1:30 to 2:30 PM > 2:30 to 3:30 PM EST > 7:30 to 8:30 PM GMT

1:30 AM CST > 8:30 EST > 7:30 AM GMT


mk said...

Thank you Astral.

astralguide said...

Good Morning MK

I hope you are doing good.

Reza said...

GM Astral

astralguide said...

Oh Hello Good morning Reza
I am sorry yesterday I was away and could not reply you. I hope you had a good day.
I hope the markets would be favorable to your positions.

Reza said...

I hope so. Thanks for your guide

Reza said...

Does C have any more potential

astralguide said...

If you see my blog I had written somewhere last week that I did study C and I saw good prospectus for it. I went long last week. Without any personal bias C does has a good future for short or intermediate term. I will still do another thorough study and post more.

Anonymous said...

Man this is like a magic. You said 10.02 EST time? It did hit and I made 4 SP futures point with your help.

THANK YOU BRO. God bless and Please continue.

hiyoka said...

Thank you for the information, Astral.
It might be another day of conflict, I guess...
hope it'll be a good day for you and the friends there.

astralguide said...

Hello Good Evening Hiyoka
It is a day of typical Bull Bear Duel.
The bulls are full of strength and energy and surprisingly while we are at very low of real energy emitted from external sources there is still internal energy in form of hope and human will, that propels the markets.
However on a larger frame of daily, weekly scale we are in for a low week which makes it good for day trading.

hiyoka said...

Thank you, Astral.
Yes, the energy in the form of hope and bullish's amazingly strong this time. Well, I finish watching NY and go to bed now, for it's a Major SQ day in Tokyo market today, which will be a hard day. Good night:)

Waterbaby said...

Great call,
Thank you

jon said...

This is hallucinating for sure. I just tested today all your timings and all hours the market moved mostly positive. It is absolutely amazing. Pretty good work. Thank you Astral.

Reza said...

Astral, I did not see FAS long, I was FAZ long. How does it look for tomorrow

astralguide said...

Hey thanks all friend. Glad it worked well.

Reza There is a very strong element since last week which has propelled the Financials like a rocket.
Its effect is diminishing but there seems to be more buyers than sellers as most of the potential sellers are still bullish. On technical side you can see the similar sentiment. Now the only thing slightly positive for Bears is that technical charts of major indices and FAS are forming a double top and UYG and XLF also representing Financials have crossed much of the recent resistance.

The expected pullback may not even happen because I see lot of heat from 17th and 18th again. So There may not be any pull back at all even though technially it was expected. But again markets do not work because of what we hope or expect or even the patterns. The patterns do have exceptions.

I was also short heavily since last week because I precipatated somehow. But this is part of life.
Even if we wish if markets have to go bullish they will go for weeks and months without any sign of bearishness. It is also because the vested interests and Government and large fund owned stocks are manipulated very badly. So in this environment everything is possible.

In spite of so much bullishness literally for past many days the overall market remains weak and my readings suggest next 3 trading days as red but they can be green too because of collective will of the market or the "market makers".
Now that you have FAZ it would be better to wait for a few more days unless you can not handle it.

I believe that before going short one must have real good technical confirmation as catching a bottom or top can be lethal at times. Of course it is a game of chance but we rather wait for some confirmation than risk vital capital.

Will keep a watch and study the Financials today but they are following the main stream force of the market for now.
When did you go long on FAZ?

Reza said...

2 weeks ago

Reza said...

I can wait as long you want, any readings on that

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