Monday, March 1, 2010

How to separate the gold from dust

There are so many views, so many patterns to study and so much to digest for an average trader or manager. It would be much easier if we focused on certain sectors, commodities and some stocks to make it work. I am working on some specific areas now as that could be useful for many friends. If you have any suggestions for any stocks, commodities, futures or fx, please comment and I would surely give you a reading and quick analysis based on my proprietary mechanics that I use to project further.

One sure thing we all must know is that we must absorb and digest all input from all yet decision to trade must be refined and rethought many times by us.
I am just focusing on today for now but I have been given an idea as to study individual commodities and stocks that we could play besides the wide covering indices etc.

Long term plays can only be sustained by well off and well healed and for traders with budget we should be focusing on one day at a time and max a week to come of course it does not hurt to project a month to have clarity.

The idea is to make some gains if we can not do that all talk is just nice talk.

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