Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday March 5th 2010 Day of hot hair

Realistic projection of the trading day at

Travels : Challenging, Keep caution
Trades : Not so positive as it may appear. Any rally could be short lived so use extreme caution today and Monday.

This blog is to help the day trader to provide a few indicators on timing and the direction to some extent. This also helps position traders to enter/exit or plan their positions.

Sometimes natural forces are going to one side and direction and the human forces and their collective energy is going on opposite direction, this causes a strange stormy condition like you see in SouthWest Texas where warm winds of Gulf merge with Chill coming from North and this creates sudden hot or cold conditions. When that happens in the markets anything is possible but that warm day can be changed suddenly by cold chill and at times that can cause rain.
This should be the case today and Monday so go with caution.

Despite all there are key hours
Turning points for most major markets where you should keep a watch
ALL times as usual CST
8 50
10 10
12 30
12 50

Take wise decisions.
More later..

See the current scene of the world markets, MOST were green, a rare thing to happen on the same day but it tells us something interesting. World Stock Market Sentiment


hedgeman said...

Looking at futures today early this AM I was so sure that there is steam in the market but you are right it could only be just hot air:)
I agree even though most people are long today.

Reza said...

Any thoughts for rest of day


astralguide said...

Dear Reza
If you see my blog I kept it very simple. Believe or not the spike at 730 AM CST [830 am cst] by the "False" employment report that was doctored by the Feds in collusion with some "Wall street doctors of the market" was against the natural flow of energy.
Despite that at 8.50 AM cst they jacked it up even more and that is why I did not write turning points hour direction because its all unnatural.
This rally is like a hot air balloon and it has to deflate but since its engineered we can not say but it may turn down shortly.
There is one window around 12.15/12.30 CST that may be positive again but the market may remain artificially high.
I am going to analyze it more carefully.

mk said...

Hello Astral,
I wonder, what was the astro influence at 10:10 CST.There was a lull and the energy was almost mesmerising.

astralguide said...

Dear MK
The influence was negative and contradiction. The problem as you see in today's blog is the "engineered" effort but such works do not succeed or sustain yet we have to be nimble and careful. All that goes up so smoothly comes down in similar fashion.
Day trading makes sense during times:) What do you think?

astralguide said...

If you notice market moved at 730 AM first with futures despite a contradictory signal and then at 8.50 AM it rallied, braking at about 10.10 and now consolidating.
The day should be about this range and some reversal around 12.50 again.

mk said...

Dear Astral,
I do not believe that any "engineers" can contol the egregor of the market. They are simply used by the egregor to facilitate the greatest release of psycho-emotional energy. For day trading, I think, the trick is to know what influences the egregor's so called mood on a minute scale. This particular piece of knowledge is really valuable for timing one's exits or entries to support the technicals. And this is the area where your work is invaluable. Thank you.

astralguide said...

Absolutely dear MK
I agree. I meant "engineering" in a figurative sense obviously:) You are so right. I think yesterdays pent up energy was seen at last 45 minutes continuing on after market that spilled later in futures and today's rally. In my view, it is not the normal course yet sometimes we see that the mood of "yesterday" expands into today. I will have to keep this factor in my next research. It is an interesting learning for me indeed.
I hope we can benefit from our efforts here yet I repeat that this is like a second opinion and first we must rely on our usual technical tools for real time execution.

Reza said...


Any signs for Monday

Anonymous said...

I sent a comment, but it never posted-it is under google friends. My signup is under your follower portion to the right.
Anyway, I think you do a great job and look forward to future comments and hope to make some myself when I have something useful to contribute. dmak

astralguide said...

Dear Dmak
It is strange that your posted comment did not post on the blog. When you click Post Comment button, it does confirm that the comment is posted. It easier when you are signed up on your google account and you can automatically post under your ID. The advantage of posting when signed is that it allows one to delete the comment and repost if necessary.
Hope to hear from you anytime soon.

You should express yourself without hesitation.
Looking forward to hear from you.

astralguide said...

Hey Reza
Howz your weekend! Hope you are doing fine.
Monday may have two phases, first 3 hours should be different than the rest of the day. From now on I would be posting as early I can.
I am trying to decipher the next 2 weeks with more clarity. Will get back shortly.

Reza said...

Thanks Astral, looking forward to it.

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