Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Currency markets prospectus for the week

CHINA : There may be some movement on the Chinese Currency index. Renminbi US Dollar index based ETN is showing some movement and it may be bullish over next few days.

Indian Rs. : Indian currency Rupee is bullish this week and may remain so for coming week.

Russia : Russian Ruble may make a good move in next few days.

Australia : Australian Dollar Futures AD or ETF FXA continues to be bullish on intermediate period of next few weeks even though it may be down today.

Canada : Canadian Dollar Futures CD or etf FXC is pretty bullish for the day and for the coming week.

Swiss Franc : Swiss Frank like Euro still down but it may do some up move over next 2 weeks. Futures today had a good 125 pips move.

Europe : The common European Currency EURO appears very bullish and may continue to be bullish next week. Eur move may only be limited to little more than a week.

USD : US Currency may remain down for this week and perhaps coming week. Second week April could lift it up.

BRAZIL : The brazilian Real is surely for a good up move.

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