Monday, March 1, 2010

After the jolts some more jolts - Monday for Day traders

Travels : Better to avoid. Results will be mixed.
Trades : Beneficial. Tricky and boiling day with extreme pressure
A day made for Day traders

KEY hours that may work for day trades

All times Central time
Some conflict at/around 9 AM and around open
Volatile Spikes at 11 am, 11.36 am and 12 pm
More action could be in afternoon hours
1 pm - 1.15 PM CST Positive

This week 2 1/2 up days and 2 neutral
Week 8th/12 March negative
Interesting moves today in all Metals, Energy futures, a few Currencies and few commodities like Cotton, Coffee


Diane said...

Good morning Astralguide
Timing is pretty clear.
I also feel attuned to your indications. Thanks for giving a good view of the day.

Frank said...

2 1/2 up days and 2 neutral

Are you going to tell us which days are which?
or would that just prove that you have no more
idea than the rest of us?

astralguide said...

Dear Frank
This blog's main focus is to focus on the potential timings that can work for day traders. Shortly we could project slightly long term too, however I find it challenging as there are so many views out there and adding more guidance could be counter productive, even if we were right 70 or 80% of the times. Despite that I am refining my system to project few days ahead. So far my idea was to help some of my day trading friends whose main interest is TIME.

tech trader said...

It would be great to add a few stocks and commodities that you consider hot for the day or swing.
Your blog is very useful and to the point without any confusion. I love your Travels and Trades line on top. I notice that whatever you posted so far has been accurate!!
I look forward for more.

astralguide said...

Hello tech trader
That is a good idea indeed. I would revert shortly with some studies I would do. In fact last night I was studying Apple and I wanted to post but I thought nobody would be interested to know which stocks have spikes. For now I see a real good move on Schlumberger SLB having great potential for coming 19 days. It has good potential this whole week and then a major move around 18th or 19th.

Jay Strauss said...

Hi Astral
same poople complain at many blogs

PS, not a mis-spelling

astralguide said...

Dear Jay

We can not change the realities of anyone but we try to follow the course of nature. Believe or not many people position themselves based on their rigid biases and they search for confirmation. When that is not confirmed as per their vision, there is bound to be some anger and frustration.
We should understand them all and that is precisely you are doing by helping them clear so much. You are doing such a good job by creating your projections.
We can not make everyone happy as you can see.

We should keep being positive, nimble and very fast because these markets are running at a different velocity than they used to. We must adjust to the times and frequencies of the market and as you know market does not dance as per our dictate.. Do you agree?

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