Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9th March 2010 not what you see

Travels : Worrisome Critical moments not as expected
Trades : Critical and deceptive day for traders

What you see may not always be what you get.
What appears so positive may not be so.
Yet one does not have to be negative even when much negative passivity is in view, but be prepared for activity at an appropriate time.
One thing which many analysts and even some of my friends looking
at skies seeking harmonies on the Earth's material world, forget is that the confluence of a day at times may not be very strong yet the pent up energies of past days can be concentrating and then hit on the unexpected day. This happened during first few days of Jan this year and then to give you a recent example on March 5.
The rally on Friday should have been on Wed or Thursday but the energy concentrated in late afternoon on Thursday of which we informed emphatically and this
spilled over to the morning of Friday despite being a rather quiet neutral day.
The influence of positive or negative energies at times take time to create a critical mass to demonstrate its apparition so be very careful.

Astral event of Tuesday early hours at about 3:30 AM EST are not so harmonic so its energy will spill over to the trading day in NY.
Today like each day willl produce some opportunities for day traders and those who are very nimble and quick to read can benefit however it is not a recommended to go long or buy big time as this is a deceptive

Key hours that can be reversals or pivot points
11:00 CST
11:12 CST
12:06 CST
13:00 CST

PS: After market key hours and March 10th that can be notable

11:15 PM CST 12:15 AM EST 5:15 GMT
2:35 AM CST 3:35 AM EST 8:15 GMT

To some extent some micro moves
5 AM CST 6 AM EST 11 Noon GMT


Reza said...

Thanks Astral

mk said...

Thank you Astral. For some reason my comment didn't post. So I'll ask again. Is it possible to mention notable events for afterhours like today 3:30 AM EST in advance?

astralguide said...

Good Morning and Welcome Reza and MK

Mk. Finally your message is posted successfully so there is some progress!
Yes surely we can add the post market hours that are meant for Futures. I also plan to post some key hours for further hours like Asia and Europe open. So far this humble blog is mainly seen in the US market but there are few people in Europe and Asia watching so we will add that.

hiyoka said...

Thank you in advance and looking forward to your information :)

After making some mistake in taking short position, now I'm watching Tokyo and NY.
I feel the bullish atmosphere in Tokyo market too, it's like as if the price itself wants to fly higher although the "volume" is not so heavy. And I also feel people's doubt or anxiety is still remaining underwater because of the economical and political weakness here.

I'm thinking of upcoming hard aspects between Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, while ongoing Venus which might be translating some energy, and now going to form oposition with Saturn. Then, Mars starts it's journey again...With these aspects, what may happen to market as well as to our world, and if there is some resisting energy, how is the interaction...what about Mercury and Moon...etc.

Well, I know nothing yet about mundane and financial astrology, It's very complicating and beyond my imagination. But it's still very interesting. The energy may somewhat affect our daily life, too. ;)

Hoping my English make any sense..,


Reza said...

I wish I picked up some C's. Today, supposedly A/H the gov is going to do some offering on C
Any thoughts

astralguide said...

Hello Reza
I had posted a comment last week on C after I studied their business. I did buy just a small no. of stocks to test. However its real potential will begin next week I guess. It does however has some potential but its a cheap stock today but I dont think one can gain too much unless you do some crafty option spread.
A week from today SHOULD be somewhat negative for the market.

I was just replying on Jay's blog some of our friends writing funny stuff.

astralguide said...

Hello Friend Hiyoka

Your English is perfectly fine. I have been away for few hours and just saw your comment. I would respond you shortly in details.

Reza said...


Any effect for options expiration

astralguide said...

Dear Reza

Frankly if I go purely for my reading and not looking at technical charts at all, I see next week slightly weak and only see some positive moves towards the very end around Wed and Friday. I am not sure if this week of Options expiry aka OPEX will emulated Feb. I see it as slightly weak as I said.

Waterbaby said...

As always , great call!
Thank You,

astralguide said...

Dear Luis

Thank you. Humbly hope that you are able to make use of this little blog to time your trades. As you see we are geared to the day. What a nice Nick you have, waterbaby sounds so soothing and cool!!

astralguide said...

Dear Friend Hiyoka

Yes absolutely. All that happens on Astral horizons far from our tiny planet does impact not only the markets but all of us because we make the markets not the viceversa. That is the markets do not create anything except that they are created by us each day with our emotions of fear, greed and panic. These emotions and feelings are absolutely influenced by some negative and some positive planetary bodies that have nothing in contra PERSONALLY but they influence all of us. Now we like radio equipment receive some frequencies and some we do not. So all of that is transpired on the ASTRAL scene actually transpires through us. Of course it does impact and influence each aspect of our lives despite our denial or ignorance of such.

You are right when there are some positive energies suddenly a huge stream of negative energy overpowers the positive one and like a dark cloud showers and everything looks so dark and scary that we think it is end of the world. Then all of a sudden with a micro spark of light the dark clouds are gone and positive white energy returns and we feel cheered.

Since we can see into past we can same way see into future. It is a very delicate and exremely subtle process because what we see is unbelievable and very strange. Yet we can decipher something of what is to come. The problem is I am not focusing on long term for now nor want to speculate even though I know where we are heading to. Because I think in this environment it is wiser to go on short term because long term requires lots of sustaining power in form of capital. The best we can do is to go on swing or two to 5 days position if not day trading, because that is easier to handle.

If you follow the markets please read this blog time to time or anytime you can and you may get good clues. At times you may find something cryptic or hidden and if you dont get it please ask.

We do not deliberately go into details of astral and other esoteric phenomenon here because most traders and money managers have no time nor much interest. They just want a clear cut, to the point signal and ideas to decide on the direction.

See most people who are in the markets for long they know yet most day traders lose on day trades because of wrong timing. I decided to dedicate my research on micro timing of the market each day and see if that helps. I am still refining my system but so far luckily it has worked to an extent. But I hope and expect more precision, more clarity and more strategies in advance.

If our effort can help some friends succeed in trading I would consider this a gift.
Even though I may be wrong but I do not see day from today till about a week, not much strength in the markets anywhere but I do see some movement from end of next week. Please plan your trades very carefully. When confused please share your doubts and opinions. Are you working only in Tokyo market or also on NY?

indigo said...

Hi Astral, I agree with your bigger picture. I had 3/9 as a top and 3/16 as a bottom, so let's see what happens.

hiyoka said...


Thank you for your detailed comment.
Yes, indeed I feel that we are like wireless receiver or sort of translator of energy, each is uniquely designed. And I think I understand why you say it's wiser to go on short term, as well as that this is the place for the clear cut info about the timing. This is so important for all traders, therefore your work is so valuable.
Now I'm working only in Tokyo market, and watching NY just for the good reference. If NY was weak, so is Tokyo. So the Tokyo market seems to be losing it's way today. ;)
Again, thank you for every information, I will trade carefully from now on.

mk said...

Thank you Astral for the afterhours timing. It was quite exact.

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