Monday, February 22, 2010

When uncertainty hits the markets

I was aghast and shocked last night when looking at conflicting planetary moves for coming day, yet futures that were all into greens. I thought it was because of USD indexd that most was green but my planetary numbers were telling me that Monday is a down day. I do doubt many times a day if the astrology or any other predictive science can actually do foretell what is to come? At times technical or fundamental analysis of any asset will tell us the clear route to future.

YET despite all, all that is expected sometimes as per our "wishes" or desires or will does not seem to happen.
Today was one such day. I was resisting to post today but I did. I will post my readings frequently for the benefit of many of my friends. It is geared for traders and investors who believe in a second opinion, and who prefer to mitigate any potential losses because in my opinion all that is not lost is actually a premium.
Yet losses do happen. Even when when we know the course of the market. Even when we are in a clear trend. We can still lose!! I will write on that again because this is the question many of my friends have asked me time and again.

I will post my readings. Read them with skepticism or with belief you still must make your own decisions based on your own system. No system in this world can be as good as your own.

NB: If you are a micro time trader and you have any special commodity or sector of equities that you want to work, please let me know. I try to post general trends for now based on S&P 500, Gold and few other major commodities. I will try to read into some key sectors too.

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