Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stocks on 23rd Feb

Travels : good day
Trades : Not very bright

Markets in general equities and commodities will remain weak or rather not very trendy yet there would be 2 main spikes for the day.
Early Morning markets will be gloomy.
The first hour will have some spikes around 9 am and then at 2pm.
I am not going to post more specifics for now.

I can post more specifically later on some Commodities and Futures if someone asks me.


Jay Strauss said...

HI Astral
thanks again for CLEARLY commenting
at the blog

anon's are QUIET until they see me goof up
then they are all over it like fleas on a mad dog.

I tried signing up with disqus, but there was a problem with my avatar, and they offer NO fix.

I Will try again
mkt should as we both point out should deteriorate into Next week's Bradley low on March 1st 7 or 2nd

Bernanke again tomrrow ?/
How does he fit into the slippage?

Tomrrow calls for UNWANTED intrusions
maybe thats where he fits in


astralguide said...

Dear Jay
It is amazing that I was thinking of you and you posted. I will check up the disqus for you. You could just configure the blog by unselecting the option to post as anon. However you must not worry but celebrate because any of these people are not opposing you but just challenging so that perhaps we refine. It is good to have opposing views at times as it helps us to see clearer.

I wanted to talk to you about Sidereal Bradley March 1. I am still figuring out the mystery of its polarity. I have to write to you about this issue in private.

Bernanke as a person does not have much impact but the policies of Fed and the DC people do influence the markets. I frankly read only into charts of S&P or individual commodities and of course the general aspects.

I can say that 23, 24th are going to be very difficult trading days. 25th and 26th have some respite. Will get back with more.

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