Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moon Mars play this morning

If you read news you see the consumer confidence index and if you are a Forex trader you see that the dollar index is high, but if you are an astrologer you see the Moon and Mars play like kids at 9 am CST and this means extreme volatility and bi polar swings.

The market today and tomorrow is going to be very shaky and a rough ride!!

At 1 PM cst today there will be conflict.
At 2 pm there is some harmony. So make your decisions.

You could buy some dips with stop losses.


astralguide said...

Please make a note that all times that I write are Central time CST, used mainly for Chicago exchanges.
I can also add EST and European or Asian times at times if I see there are people who need that. I have added a world clock on top of the page to help see your time.
If you want to add another time zone please post and I will do so.

I would be happy to assist any party with any particular ETF, stock, commodity, Forex pair or other asset if I can.

Jay Strauss said...

I think I posted most of that outlook
yesterday and i dont know why Sally is picking on me today

Lower open, mid day rebound from 1 to 3pm, and lower close

Did I not project that ??


astralguide said...

Dear Jay

I think it is just a view. Just do not take it personally. I have noticed that our friends poke and dig for they are seeking clearer answers, just like children want their fruits to be cut, sliced and decorate with cream.
You did project clearly but perhaps because of too much info many readers get overwhelmed. Perhaps it would be better to separate the message and discussion on comments only. It is better that you add, edit your main blog for added comments instead of posting them on comments. This will help a lot.

Jay Strauss said...

Yes, I got away from doing that in my haste to answer anons, but Ive cut them off and now can concentrate on clearer projections

Anons insist I had been making PREDICTIONS
no one can do that

Thanks for ALL your help

astralguide said...

Dear Jay

Good morning Bro. I was very pleased to read your email and I am getting later today with some answers and suggestions. You are on the right track, NEVER doubt that.
Please make it clear that astrology is just one of the factors that you consider and study which is reflected in your readings. Perhaps many people find it hard to decipher the real points because they are used to simplistic answers. Have a great day Jay be watchful today, another very volatile day.

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