Thursday, February 25, 2010

Markets to come on Thursday

Travels : Good day
Trades : Not SO bad afterall

When we post here please consider the entire day of 24 hours.
When everything is dark, even a minor spark appears so visible. Everything is down but green returns after red and brown.

Treasuries, USD index, Jap Yen, Platinum is up.
Today is another day of minor surprises.
Not a good idea to suggest when and what to buy/sell as that is subject to your own personal choices and situations and familiarity with a sector, commodity, indice or area of speciality. I strongly suggest to check blog as we can add more information at later hours, and also click on Follow.
Your feedback is very important. Readers energy should be felt to offer more details.
Once known what readers wish will post more specific.

KEY hours crucial for day/position trades. Be careful. Could be a good time to buy - Today and Friday - for the next week.

9.18 am CST. 20 minutes -/+
2 PM cst - 45 minutes -/+
Other interesting hours :
11:50 AM
1230 PM

18:00 PM

Metals like Silver, Gold, Copper will be volatile and low to highs and may offer good opportunity to position for scalper, daytrader and swings.

Additional : Know that we are not in any real trend. It is all volatile and subject to so many variables. The energy is dispersed and not together.
We are entering into a very major direction change or reversal on intermediate term yet we must watch each day carefully and in this environment trading for the day or maximum a swing of 2/3 days is wiser.
My indicators are for the day mostly that also covers evenings and early hours. But if enough people are there I can post for swing.


indigo said...

Thanks Astral, very helpful! So I presume you're seeing the Sun conj Jupiter this Sunday as having spillover bullish effects on Monday 1 March?

astralguide said...

Hello Indigo
Good morning to you.
I look into literally all minor and major aspects and other combinations.
Monday may be a bit volatile and not as we believe it could be. I would surely post my views on next week in details. Moon cycles can eclipse lots of minds!

Reza said...

Please post by Fri, so we can plan

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome and great blog. Great post Astralguide.
Your timing is pin pointedly sharp.

I am surprised pleasantly of course.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Astral for giving me the best clues in past 4 days. I have seen so many blogs and so many paid sites but yours is the most accurate so far. I hope you can continue to post please. You are a gold mine for me. Thanks

Diana said...

Hey I cant believe it. Your prediction on gold silver and copper has been right at the point. I made few good trades for your guidance.
Timing is so good never seen before.
I am going to scalp a few more trades right now. Keep it up! A BIG THANK YOU.

roger and josh said...

I started tracking your blog by feed yesterday and despite volatility I made gains for your good indicators. I wonder where were you for so long. PLEASE PLEASE post more.

Anonymous said...

Hello Astral,
Do you have any timing info on euro? I think your work is amasing.I sometimes use I Ching to clarify the general situation, but I haven't used it for timing. Thank you for your generosity.

Noway said...

very good and well noted

Reza said...

Any ETF's for swing or overnight will be great

ex Lehman Guy said...

Ok I am a skeptic but I tested all your timings. I just finished testomg your 6 PM [7 pm EST] and it did work. Almost 4 market futures that I was following moved sharp at 6 as per your post today. I am startled and very shocked as I never believed and thought it was all hocus pocus. I just could not believe but hey I have to now. Looking forward to be enlightened more. I wish more guys make use of your astounding analysis. Cheers!!

Ho said...

Are you a magician? Well I believe in serious stuff. You appear to be very seroius and the proof is in your posts that I was recommended by a friend. I am based in Hong Kong and benefitting from your work. Whenever possible please comment on HK, China and other Asian markets.
Thank you for your insightful blog Astralguide.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, gold and silver low to high will be good trades. I hope nobody had to pay you for that bit of wisdom.

Dave said...

I did make really good trades on copper and gold on Thursday and Friday in the time frame you wrote. I would pay you for your valuable advice anytime.

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