Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 26th Feb Trading day to come

Travel : Get back home safely but overall not that bad
Trades : Not THAT bad.
Similar forecast as travels. Could be worse but thank for whatever in hand even though a bit of shocks and surprises.

It is repeated that this blog post is an orientation for friends who day trade futures, currencies and equities. However we will have some indications for future. We do not recommend buying or selling any particular asset or market.

The most important thing for a day trader is to know the TIMING.
The right timing can be the most important element in most cases because whatever the technical charts say, things can be totally different than expected.

Time factor alongwith a hint of direction is enough however it is vital to have in foreground a good knowledge of the market, observed through fundamental or technical analysis or both. At times any of the analysis provides no clues or even a remote hint. Serious astrology can offer a window into good timing.

The KEY hours :

9 AM CST Important to watch

11 AM CST Negative

12 AM CST Few spikes around Noon CST

2 PM CST Very interesting

4 PM CST Interesting. Closing hours are more interesting than opening hours.

March will be a month of great surprises. Just prepare well!!


indigo said...

Hi Astral, thanks very much for the times. The 4.5hr cycle suggests a low around 1pm EST today, just as you suggest, but I also look at tidal dates for an idea of swing positions and was hoping to compare notes with you. Currently I have 1 Mar as a low (may drag to 2 or 3 Mar), 4 Mar high and 5 Mar low. Would you be able to comment on that please? Many thanks!

astralguide said...

Dear Indigo
I am afraid to give any future forecasts because some people misuse that information and malign the bloggers. You see how a few people used to write to brother Jay.
However you are very close to astral projection. I would say that Mar 1 will be a very volatile day. Rest of the week has 2 and half up days. However my suggestion is to not keep longs after Fri. Hope you get the idea. I would love to project for weeks ahead but for now I am helping some day trading friends who ask me only the timings.

indigo said...

Dear Astral, thank you very much for your quick response! It is very kind and generous of you to share your daily thoughts with us, and I appreciate that you present everything objectively. I'm sure anyone who trades has to accept that trading is ultimately one's personal responsibility, and I sense that your vibration is high enough that you will attract only positive comments to your blog. So I would encourage you to post your longer term views as well if you feel comfortable doing so in the future. As long as you maintain your objectivity and humility, no one can fault you.
On another note, when you say not to keep longs after Fri, do you mean today or next Fri the 5th? Thanks so much for your time.

Evangeline said...

I agree with Indigo mostly. Astralguide your timing is shocking for me. I did make absolutely good trades right at the times you indicated. What more can I ask? Keep the good work despite any negative comments which will come out of jealousy or foolishness. I believe in your communication. You seem to be brutally honest which many people may take as hesitancy or negative but that is a positive point.

Anonymous said...

You hit 9 AM turn around right. You were also right at 11 AM. I shorted right at that point to get a few point. As you said I do check 15 minutes before and after your timing. Cheers.

Frank said...

A down move from early Mar to early Apr, followed by an up move from Apr thro to June would seem to make sense from an astro point of view, (and ties in with my my Elliot Wave squiggle too)

More longer term comments please astral.

You have humility and are not trying to claim to show 'tomorrows markets today' or using $$ signs or bluff.

astralguide said...

Dear Brother Frank

Well you are close to reality. My question is what is the need to know such long term trend. I think we can know the DAY and its swings we can benefit more. I think one week to one month perspective is enough for an average trader.
I do not wish to scare the people nor want to sound like a doom gloom prophet because I consider all this pure speculation.

I want to be as real as the food we eat. Our idea is to make some profits if we can and not lose our shirt or our lunch.
However I understand your point and we will discuss gradually.

I hope you had a good trading day today? That is the bottom line. If we did not lose today and made some good executions we are winners at least in our eyes and it also gives some sort of security and confidence. I only believe in Today. If we can master the TODAY all tomorrows will be tamed easily.

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