Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do Ben and Barak have answers to the Economy?

Travels : Not good really
Trades : Very bad for most. If you are nimble and can make quick decisions yet today is a neutral day or rather negative to neutral. Any short lived rally is not real.
The real buying time may begin tomorrow even though not as good as on Fri. I will share with you timing for Thurs and Fri.
9 AM somewhat Positive 30 min -+
1.30 to 2.15 PM 20 min -+
A small window between 12.30 to 1.15 pm some moves

Sorry I am late today because I have been awake much of the night, doing lots of research into past recessions, market crashes of past centuries and I find that neither Ben Bernanke has an answer nor the President of a country. The economies are moved by sheer invisible forces that reside in the collective subconscious that are governed by dormant forces which drive the inner impulses.

Commodities : I do see some real good moves on few agri commodities for next days.
If there is any interest I will post for your benefit.

FOREX : There is a long setup for 2 currencies.

Will be adding more later


Anonymous said...

Hello Astal, it nice to see you start posting some predictions, it will be much better if you post what exactly commodities or forex pairs and what setup you predict buy or sell, time to enter and exit or some else details.
Andy, from Jays blog.

Anonymous said...

Astal, if i understand right, you cant or dont want to post more details before any movments? Ok, its your right. But i want to ask to choose one commod (what about shugar? silver?)and post detailed prediction every day, i think many thax goes to Atral )))

Thx, Andy

astralguide said...

Dear Andy

Good to communicate with you. Surely please standby for few days. I would be posting much in advance with specific details. We need to have a social interaction because I dont wish to post what I trade because that may appear as if I am trying to promote some asset.
Thank you for asking. I would be able to study on commodities you asked like Silver, Sugar and others.
Due to my consulting work I am not supposed to post certain specific areas or commodities but I would do my best to post some valuable information that would be real use to my friends.

As you see for now I am just writing on the macro trend of the main steam market based on Dow Jones, S&P 500 that represent major portion of markets.

I have noticed that some people have hard time believing in such analysis as they think it is some mumbo jumbo. But there people who are open and have real connection to the invisible forces and they are mostly very successful. No wonder few very large Funds are guided by esoteric guidance too besides the army of analysts.

I am practicing and trying to work on micro minute trading. Astrology can never work on very micro scale but yes it can be used to find the best possible time frames.

Anonymous said...

Dear Astral, thx you for your open heart, in our times peoples like you iz unique. Offcourse i will wait as needed.


Reza said...

Thanks Astral

astralguide said...

Hello Reza and Andy
You are most welcome friends. We would be in touch. Please keep me posted with your valuable advice and comments to make it better and refined.
I will keep posting on Jay's blog too but I am posting my market comments on this blog to avoid any clutter.

indigo said...

Hi Astral, interesting blog! For swing traders, did you suggest buying SPX on Fri and selling by the following Tues? Or would you say to buy on Thursday and sell on Friday? Thanks!

Roger said...

Great blog and so much value.
I am going to track it each day and be your follower. I made great gains today for your advice.
It is absolutely amazing the sharp timing. I agreeeeeeeeee!
Cant be better. I hope many people do not find this blog:)

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