Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Copper Futures

I was watching Copper market Monday and I did take a realtime futures position during the day. Unless you have something at stake you dont feel the market. However keep in mind that we can only gain or lose as per our own personal chart or emotional karmic setup. As I said despite you knowing in advance you may still lose. It happened to me as I had my position without any stop whole day and evening and at 11.40 PM I had to put a stop loss to prepare to close and at 11.42 I was stopped loss and a min after that Copper made a sharp 6 point move. Monday had to be a day of loss for most people.
The market had 4 up cycles despite being in decline overall since the European session had already been down.
As per I had posted the market did make moves sharpt at 11 PM CST.
If you want to see the copper moves, you will see that sharply at 11 pm CST on 22nd Feb Copper made a huge move from 328 to 334. Then at around 5 am 23rd Feb another big move from lower to higher.

Today there will be a move around 9 AM and 2 pm.

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